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Quilter memories and honours

Quilter sisters

I was so sorry a long planned trip caused me to miss the dedication of the Quilter Hall at Wells in memory of Alan Quilter, Headmaster 1964-1986. Among the guests were Carol Passemard (née Quilter), Tricia Broxup (née Quilter, OW 1973) and Lizzie Crumlish (née Quilter, OW 1978), all of whom we regarded from afar when I was at Wells (then almost entirely a boys’ school). Alan Quilter was the architect and primary creator of the specialist music scheme which is the foundation of what the school is today. Wells has recently launched the Quilter Family Bursary Appeal in honour of his and Sheila’s memory.

After Wells, Lizzie trained as a primary school teacher at Exeter University, specialising in Art & English. She has held a number of teaching posts and then gravitated to the software industry where she worked for Aldus Europe (now Adobe), as European Trainer. She is now with Draco, a property management company where she has responsibility for the back office processes including IT, administration, accounts and “all the jobs no one else wants to do.”

For much of her married life with husband David, Lizzie was an army wife but now they have more time together and have developed a business building traditional Bespoke Shepherds Huts. They are also of course parents to Clementine Crumlish (OW 2010) and Georgia Crumlish (OW 2011).

We are hoping we shall see more of Lizzie in the future.