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Terry Thomas – animated comedian

Terry Thomas

At our recent reunion I am pleased to hear news of Terry Thomas (OW 2012) who is a visual effects specialist with a taste for comedy. After Wells, Terry went to Bath university for a degree in Natural Sciences and then then stayed to do an MSc in Computer Science, studying visual effects and computer graphics. At Bath he founded the Comedy Writing, Improvisation & Performance Society and he tells us he is “keeping up with performing musical comedy and sketches, making animations and all the while looking for a proper programming job for VFX and films in London.”

Terry developed his interest in animation at Wells …

... and gained the interest of a stop-motion software company for his Red Bull Canimation entry

Since then his Polar Where? won a Best Animation Prize at the Rouen Short Film Festival 2014 and among many projects he has completed a music video 5476 Miles for the Nigel Thomas album Travelling Man.

Terry is also a guitarist and has played acoustic sets at local festivals – truly an all-round creative!